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What’s Digital Gaming?

Are you a die-heart game lover? Then DigitalGaming is the place for you. Digital Gaming, is a gaming & emerging tech news, updates & review site. What it means is very put all our efforts in covering the gaming & tech industry with a deep analysis for our users.

We provide unique and useful perspectives to our readers on gaming news, trends, emerging technologies, and other areas of interest related to tech innovation. Even if you’re not a gamer, you would love to read our tech topics.

A Platform for Gamer:

Games come & go but the memories stay forever. We work on keeping those amazing gaming memories alive with the help of our articles putting our experience & passion for gaming.

At DigitalGaming, we fully understand the need & the comfort of a gamer. So we put our experience in use and come up with the best accessories & gadgets one can use to magnify his gaming experience.

Whether you’re looking for a mouse, joystick to guide & tricks. Digital Gaming has got everything for you.

Meet the Team:

Devesh Srivastava [Co-Founder]

Devesh is the thinking head of DG. He is a tech & pet lover, gamer, and loves traveling. He came up with the idea of Digital Gaming, providing a platform to game lover where they can get useful insights regarding updates, accessories, tips & tricks, and affordable products for the better gaming experience.

Rohit Kashyap [Co-Founder]

Rohit is the person behind minor & major updates in DG. He is the person who fulfils the requirements of thinking head and provides tech insights. He is a techie & loves to spend time learning new things & hates to sleep.

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