Start Your Career As A Game Designer: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Game designing is an art which satiates everyone. With growing techno bust there is a hustle to upgrade gaming features and leans to make something new. We are witnessing an era where everyone is hooked on to their screens. All thanks to the ‘one size fit all’ concept-based games suitable for all formats of hand-held devices. The demand, market, and scope within the gaming industry is enormous and it eventually has created a never-ending demand of talented, tech-savvy game enthusiasts. Who knew playing games can become a boon? This makes game designer a good career option.

One of the most demanding job roles under the profile is of being a game designer and game developer. Being a game designer, you can earn well as well as lead a successful career.  A game developer is a magician (read as programmers) who focuses more on technical aspects of making the game.

A game developer is anyone who has any involvement with the creation of the game at all; it could be engineers, animators, modelers, musicians, writers or producers as well.

Basically, converting the objectives and ideas of the designing team into an actual product is done by the game developer; which is accomplished by writing hundreds of thousands of lines of functional code, expressing designer’s idea.

These game developers possess a deep understanding of various languages to develop the game like C++, Perl and more.

To work as game developer core competencies is to be able to develop code which can make the game work. This could also involve resolving or fixing the glitches of the game or bugs.

If you decide to take the job of a game developer, you also have to be aware that a game developer’s work is a non-ending job they have to be abreast with the latest gaming trends and development in various programming languages. They need to stay creative and update about everything a user can demand. Collecting weapons and armor to win digital Chicken Dinner can be a lot of fun.

People realized this when they stumbled upon PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – a game that gave joy to billions and several billion dollars to the guys who made it!

Gaming enthusiasts, tech-savvy youngsters, and digital artists often find it difficult to figure out what career or profession would satisfy their creative and professional needs and desires. The massive rise in the popularity of digital gaming across all different age groups has directly-indirectly resulted in youngsters getting involved in the prospect of game development as a career.

Here is the list of what you need to be a good game designer:

  • Passion for games
  • Strong analytical mind-set
  • Proficiency in programming languages like C# and C++, video graphics and hardware
  • Wide knowledge of gaming trends
  • Problem solver
  • A creative mind

One of the biggest subsets or segments of the entertainment industry, gaming has become a sizzling hot profession today, in terms of the opportunities that exist in India, the ‘reward’ aspect of the career and the scope to flourish in the longer term. The advent of the internet and unprecedented access to technology has given rise to a massive demand for games and the industry is rapidly growing further. Gaming enthusiasts, tech-savvy youngsters, and digital artists often find it difficult to figure out what career or profession would satisfy their creative and professional needs and desires. The massive rise in the popularity of gaming across all age groups has indirectly resulted in youngsters getting interested in the prospect of game development as a career. Creating a new game is no child’s play. The game industry is evolving at a rate of knots and as more and more games are created, the extent to which skills like design, fine art, software development, coding, audio, and programming are involved is expanding, too.

The prerequisite to becoming a successful game designer is to have the right education and ample practical experience. You need to learn the fundamentals of arts, sketching, colour theory, graphic design (for computer games), game engines, game production, human-computer interaction, game environments, music, and sound.

You are also expected to have basic knowledge of the commonly-used game design software, including

  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Nuke
  • Mud box
  • Z-Brush
  • Premiere Pro
  • Aftereffects and yED

Anyone who has completed their 12th grade or high school can apply for a course in game design and game art. Cultural awareness, knowledge of different languages and exposure to varied demographics is an additional advantage since you would be expected to create games that appeal to a wide set of audiences in the future.

All in all, game design is a highly rewarding career option and even though it is relatively new and unconventional in India, you can rest assured that there are enough opportunities in the market for those who invest themselves in the subject. If you think you are cut out for a career in game design, waste no time! Enroll for our comprehensive game design degree or diploma in-game art and design this year. At Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, you will get to learn all the essentials that can set you on your way to making a mark in the game industry.


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