Game Design and Game Development? Let’s Clear Your Confusion

Game designing:

Game Designing is one of the most upcoming careers for the students wanted to make a career in animation. There is a rapid increment of 50% per annum in the gaming industry as per reports.
Due to less PC penetration, the game industry did not grow the way industry grow in the world. India’s gaming industry & market is about to reach one billion dollars is an estimate provided by NASSCOM. Now Smartphone penetration leading the way.

We all are well-known that India’s one-third population is under the age of 35. The individuals of this age group is the target audience for the gaming industry & market. And hence, India is considered as worlds leading market for the gaming industry.

Now, India is ranked 18th in the gaming industry global, making a healthy revenue of 422 Million USD per annum.
The Indian gaming industry is booming every day and one can go ahead with this career as an option with full confidence.

Game Designer Courses In India:

There are various educational centers which offer diploma, degree & certificate courses to become a game designer. Few popular courses are mention below –

• Diploma courses in Video Game Designing
• Diploma-Professional-Certification Courses in Video Animation
• Diploma in Video Game Design and Integration
• Advanced Diploma in Video Game Art & 3D Game Content Creation
• Professional Diploma in Video Game Art
• Diploma in Production Video Gaming,
• Video Game Art And Design
• Degree courses In Video Game Designing
• Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design Arts), 3 to 4 years
• BSc in Animation Video Game Design and Development, 2 to 3 years
• Bachelor of Science in Video Gaming, 2 to 4 years
• Bachelors in Media Animation & Design (BMAD), 2 – 3 Years
• Certificate Courses In Game Designing
• Programs Game Art, 9 to 15 months
• Certificate Course in Window Game Programming ( Web and Mobile), 3 – 6 Months
• Certificate course in Game Art & Design, 9 to 15 months

Best Way to Start :

After 10+2, students in all streams can pursue the courses in gaming without requiring entrance exam they can join diploma & degree courses. In gaming the popular streams are:

• Animation
• Computer Science
• Graphic design
• Multimedia design
• Software engineering

Game development:

The development of a video game is the process of creating a visual display game with impressive & interactive features. The process & effort is undertaken by a game developer, with a team dispersed across the globe. Development of video games is normally financially funded by a publisher and can take few years to reach completion of the game.
We are witnessing an era where everyone is hooked on to their screens. All thanks to the ‘one size fit all’ concept based games suitable for all formats of hand-held devices. The demand, market, and scope within the gaming industry is enormous and it eventually has created a never-ending demand of talented, tech-savvy game enthusiasts. Who knew playing games can become a boon.

Explore professional game art, design and development courses:

One of the most demanding job roles under the profile is of being a game designer and of a game developer. Confusing enough since the title seems almost the same. But trust us, it is not the same no matter how closely linked they seem because of their names.

That is what a game developer does. A game developer is a magician (reading as programmers) who focuses more on technical aspects of making the game.

A game developer is anyone who has any involvement with the creation of the game at all; it could be an engineer, animators, modelers, musicians, writers or producers as well.

Basically, converting the objectives and ideas of the designing team into an actual product is done by a game developer; which is accomplished by writing hundreds of thousands of lines of functional code, expressing designer’s idea. These game developers possess a deep understanding of various languages to develop the game like C++, Perl, Lua and more.

To work as game developer core competencies is to be able to develop code which can make the game work. This could also involve resolving or fixing the glitches of the game or bugs.
If you decide to take the job of a game developer, you also have to be aware that a game developer’s work is a non-ending job they have to be abreast with the latest gaming trends and development in various programming languages.

Some of the key skills a game developer should possess are:

  • Passion for games
  • Strong analytical mind-set
  • Proficiency in programming languages like C# and C++, video graphics and hardware.

Creation of this initial framework is the most perilous part of a game designer. It is on this part a game’s success is dependent and can make or break it. Quite often based on the scope of the game, multiple teams are created, which makes it easy to handle different stages of the entire process.
Game designers can also be a part of game scriptwriting, for which the only aspect required is to be able to dream big and to be able to analyze how far a game or its stages go. They study how the game will work and flow from start to finish; understanding of various ways a game can be played; collaborate with other team members to build levels successfully; and create product documentation for future reference.

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