Top 4 Gaming consoles every kid dream off in India

A video game is a form of entertainment, but nowadays it is not only to games that we play on a personal system like PC, but it also refers to the games that run by a console or arcade machine.
Every kid nowadays is consociated with video games. Everyone wants to be updated about the trending video games Technology. So here is the list for the top trending gaming consoles. Gaming consoles are machines whose primary function is to play video games. Popular current-generation consoles include Sony’s PS4 of consoles, the Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft’s Xbox One range.
If you prefer the flexibility and openness of the PC platform along with the convenience of digital services like Steam and GOG, along with the ability to mod your game, you should consider building a gaming PC instead. However, for most people, building or maintaining a PC might be too much effort, hence gaming consoles offer the simplest way of getting started.
If you’re looking to graduate from the likes of Candy Crush on your smartphone, or you’re a lapsed gamer whose last tryst with a controller was playing Super Mario Bros, gaming consoles are arguably the most popular, cost-effective way to play video games.

Below are the best gaming consoles in India. You can buy any gaming consoles from this list as per your need and budget.

• Xbox One X

Xbox One X is one of the most powerful gaming console available today in the gaming market. If you want to enjoy & experience high graphics and smooth performance, this should be your first choice. This console has 6 TFs of power and a 4K Blu-ray player for the immersive gaming experience. It packs 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD Internal Storage. It has a great community network as well.

• Xbox One S

Xbox One S is rated as the best value for money console with just a few compromises. It is not that powerful as compared with Xbox One X and can’t record clips in 4K resolution. But it has same 4K Ultra HD Blue-ray streaming, supports all games, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio and works well with all Xbox accessories.

• Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch claims to be a mobile gaming system that not includes could be played at home on your TV but also carried out with you. This is the reason, we see NS as the best available portable gaming console in India. You can play solo as well as with your friends. Nintendo Switch has 50 third-party publishers and you have popular games like Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. You can take it out of the docking system, and it starts acting like a tablet.

• Xbox 360 E Console

If you do not have a high budget, this should be your choice. It is available for less than Rs. 15000 and offers good gaming. It is sleek and stylish in terms of design. It has just 500GB of a hard drive and 4GB RAM. It is also backward compatible with all Xbox 360 original game titles and Most Xbox 360 Original accessories are also compatible.
Importing a console is a more expensive affair as you’re subject to customs duty and other taxes that bring the cost up by close to 40 percent over what you already paid making it a non-starter. You could coax or cajole a friend or relative to get you a console from abroad — particularly the US or UK which tend to have the best deals — if you aren’t traveling yourself, though again in this case, while the savings can be stellar, it would be prudent to check if your purchase works before flying back home.

It is always recommended to go with the latest gaming consoles. The latest one will not become outdated soon. PS4 Pro is the best in terms of power and Xbox One X best with graphics. Xbox One S and Xbox One E are for those with less budget. Nintendo Switch for portability. Try out these amazing consoles and switch to the new era of games and fun.

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