Indian Air Force Game: all you need to know about IAF Game

Indian Air Force launched its gaming application- INDIAN AIR FORCE: A cut above. It is the official mobile gaming application. The game is brought forth by the IAF and intends to attract youth to increase its manpower, was launched by IAF chief Birendra Singh Dhanoa. The gaming application is launched for Android phones, iPhones in a bid to woo young users and create interest among them for defense forces.

The Indian Air Force air combat game also features anti-aircraft guns to shoot down incoming enemy aircraft, or also to destroy enemy radars. The gaming features are so realistic and provide the scenario of real model view. According to the information the game features different levels for single player. It is a 3D game which has elements of augmented reality. On the campus UNION HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal said-“It is the new facilitation-cum-publicity pavilion and the IAF-themed mobile game has been designed to raise awareness among the youth like you, about the IAF, and inspire them to take up career in the Air Force”, he told a huge gathering of students about the game.

The teaser was released earlier this month which gave insights on the single-player game and showed several fighter jets in aerial combat, targeting different on-land structures. The mobile game highlights different missions which include air-strikes, air-to-air refueling and humanitarian assistance with disaster relief. It also has a great feature of career navigator which intends to give us a feeling of flying the jet as in real. The mobile game will highlight various segments of IAF’s missions and let the user experience the augmented reality. It is been designed in an appealing manner, so as to help immerse the player in a game with having the sensation.

There are different phases in-game, the first phase of the game was launched in August and the second phase is to be released in September. The IAF has earlier launched the game Guardians of skies in2014, which has a lot of publicity and also millions of people downloaded the game. They are seeking for new responses by connecting with youth using the new technology which thrills them about Indian Air Force.

Here are the amazing features of Air India’s combat game:

• If u dreamt ever to fly in the open sky with a thrilling experience with the glory of Indian Air Force try the new 3D game which will help you navigate through your dreams. It allows everyone to seek their experience and by just clicking your cell screens you are able to have a relishing experience.
• The IAF is an air combat game and brings in the fighter jets and planes which are flown by the IAF.
• It also features the anti-aircraft guns to shoot down incoming enemy aircraft. You can destroy the enemy radars.
• The official mobile gaming application of the IAF will allow an aspirant to experience first-hand the roles of an IAF warrior.
• The gaming application has various features, including offline single multiplayer and a career navigator information section as well as augmented reality features.
• The game includes single-player features and also multiplayer features are going to add on with the gaming experience.
• The single-player missions will be based on an engaging narrative experience, allowing the player to fly a wide arsenal of Indian Air force’s aircraft assets.
• The player will be taught how to handle a high-performance aircraft via a tutorial on a high-performance aircraft – at the end of which the player is able to earn points and through it, they can buy their wings.
• The game is so useful for the candidates who are recruiting for IAF. It will take them to a virtual environment for their training and selection. So helpful for them to learn the internal navigation tools easily by virtually pressing the keys.
• 10-engaging and high action missions will follow, which will allow the user to experience air power of the IAF, in the form of its response, reach, precision and flexibility, including support to other arms of Indian Military, as well as aid to civil authorities in the form of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief.
• The user will also get to learn about the IAF’s tactics and weapons. It will also introduce you about the future strategies of IAF.

“How proud it is to be a soldier- a soldier with good discipline, self-motivated, pride in his country, a sense of responsibility, and a confidence born of demonstrated ability”.

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