Top Trends in Video Games You Should Know About

We all make choices but in the end, our choices make us”. This is the vital reality of nature which is followed by all and obeyed in a game. Video games, a world of virtual reality, creativity, suspense, and practice. Nowadays these gaming mysteries have become fun for all. There is always something new that we find in a video game rather than our lives, something adventurous, for whom we are curious and most importantly it is full of risks. From consoles to cell phones, everyone it seems plays them at some time or another. Gaming is huge, that goes without saying. Some even make a living from doing it. There are sports leagues and multi-billion dollar industries devoted to it. The mobile games industry alone now is a $138 billion-earning sector, an indication that emerging trends in 2019 could potentially represent a massive amount of money. And of course, this isn’t limited to the mobile sector. Gaming as a whole is undergoing a surge in growth that will shape the industry for years to come.

Keeping everything in our mind lets see what are the substitutive trends of video gaming that are revolutionizing the era and what could be the updating feature for the new years coming up.

1. “Feeling First” Design

As the name suggests it is the designing which developers want players to feel from there first involvement with the game. They design the mechanics and the gameplay story. It is an approach to take out changes in the traditional approach of designing games with the new time and new technology. Funomena is the pioneer on this “feel engineering”. It’s about creating and moving emotional response in users.

2. Streaming

Streaming is an essential feature to be applied in video games as it is important to have continuity in game playing. Its never been easier to explore the ways in which streaming and community gaming can be further integrated into the gaming experience. Various software help to create that feature in designing video games like a lumberyard, twitch mechanics the best editing software.

3. Apple tv

A big tv that brings life in a game, it is the one which we always wanted to is a gaming platform that will likely continue to see games added is the apple tv. The latest generation of tv is practically screaming for games to be made.

4. Indie Love Spread Thin

This software access, as well as unprecedentedly low barriers entry. All kinds of developer platforms, from Twine to Amazons aaa-caliber lumberyard, are available for aspiring designers to get their hands on. It means more indie games are making it in front of people, but it also means its harder to get your indie game in front of people.

5. The Hype

The much-hyped No Mans Sky was recently released, and one thing everyone can agree is that it’s undeniably a game that exists. Gams are being hyped to an absurd degree but fail to deliver things inevitably.
Bethesda announces Fallout 4 at E3 and releases it months later in November of the same year.

6. Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is the most regulating trend of the generation. It has become easier to make games for different platforms but it is hard to attract different gamers. Nintendo is entering the mobile gaming market and also we know about Pokemon Go proving that untapped masses can be reached. The studies have also shown that top mobile games have been in the top and the new ones find difficult to seat up in the market.

7. Incremental Console Upgrades

You may not like video games but still, you learn from them that if you face no enemies in your way you are going in the wrong way.
Both Xbox and Sony announced new iterations of Xbox and PS4. The way phone technology and computer iterations are launched annually, it was a matter of time only before video games would follow. The emerging technologies will rely on the trends.

8. Virtual Reality

Taking it a step further, we move from augmented reality to virtual reality. Oculus Rift and the game’s Steam has been developing look particularly promising. PS4’s headset might prove even more accessible in its own version.

9. Augmented Reality

Let’s get augmented reality out of the way first with Pokemon Go!
It’ a huge hit with millions and millions of people. For a while, anyway. Ultimately, the gameplay was not compelling enough to retain the high numbers that Niantic nabbed right out of the gate.

“Video games provide the mindset that allows creativity to flow & grow beyond expectations”.

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