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Welcome to Digital Gaming, a news-consumption destination for everyone who is interested in reading about gaming and emerging tech-related news. It is also about people who are interested in reviews, trends, and alike about technical innovations and developments. Our audience is a mix-up of pro-techies and non-techies coming from multiple niche industries, which makes Digital Gaming the best place for you to pitch in your guest post.

A Platform for Gamers and Tech enthusiasts:

Games come and go but the memories stay forever. Similarly, the craze for a specific tech comes and goes like sea waves. We want to give all the fans and lovers of gaming and tech a platform to write down their memories in the form of articles and share their experiences and passion for the fields. We at Digital Gaming offer our writers and viewers with the opportunity to write for us as guest authors.

For sure, you would be having many queries, let’s take a look at a few:

Q. Who can and should post on Digital Gaming?

A. One and all who read, love and live for gaming and tech updates can post on Digital Gaming.

Q. How to become a contributor at Digital Gaming?

A. 1. Sign-up with Digital Gaming: Create your account with us. Fill-in all the required details and collect your confirmation link over your mail address. Without confirming the email address your account will not be activated. Complete your profile and fill-in your bio along with your social media links. This will help in the creation of your author profile.

2. Add Your Content: You can add your content directly on our website. Please submit your final content with us and not the draft version. This point is to be kept in mind, as after submission, your article will enter our moderation process. You may also write or send us your ideas and topics of interest if you have any doubts.

3. Wait For Our Response: As soon as you submit your content with us, our Editorial Team will begin with its work regarding your content. This process is inclusive of acceptance, refusal and/or curation of your submission. In order to get your content approved, you must follow all the rules and regulations mentioned by our Editorial Team.

4. Congratulations! Your Article is Live on Digital Gaming: After our review, your content will be published under your author profile. You can also keep coming with new topics and content ideas as we love your awesome content.

Q. What do we look for?

A. We look for experts who can provide unique and useful perspectives to our readers on gaming news, trends, emerging technologies, and other areas of interest related to tech and gaming innovation. We look for authors who can come up with well-researched & high-quality content for our users as we focus on providing useful information to our users even if they’re not a gamer or tech lover, they should love to read our blogs.

Q. What categories are offered by Digital Gaming?

A. You can write anything related to gaming & tech industry but to be specific, the following categories are welcomed:

  • Latest Games, News, Updates & their Reviews
  • Latest Android, Apple & Windows Gaming Apps & Reviews
  • Gaming Accessories To Go For
  • Gaming Guide & Tricks for Beginners
  • Latest Tech News & Gadgets To Look For
  • Gaming Startup & their Stories
  • Stories on Game Founders & Developers

Everything you write related to the above-mentioned categories will be showcased under your author tag. Anyone can see your author profile and your articles so, share your profile with your friends and loved ones, on your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook handles – wherever you want to.

Q. What can you expect from DG?

A. We appreciate tech and game-based bloggers and such businesses to come up with good and valuable content. In return, we will promote and circulate your content through our website and all social media channels. You will get credit for all your efforts and hard work. With Digital Gaming, you can reach out to a global audience which is eagerly waiting to read great gaming & tech content.  

Digital Gaming provides its guest authors with:

  • An Author Tag & Profile which showcases your interest, expertise, social media accounts and a follow-link to your website. [You can also add links in your article, but they will be no-follow unless they’re completely relevant]
  • Your article will get complete exposure with our community and users who follow us
  • Organic traffic to your website
  • Many more interesting things

Note from Editorial Team:

Our editorial team decides which content gets featured on the homepage of Digital Gaming. If your submission is not selected for the homepage, it will still be visible to all under your author tag. Our team follows some basic rules and if you wish to write for us then you must comply with them:

  • Pick the latest & trending topics for your guest post (It will have more chances of getting published with us on our homepage)
  • The guest post must be easy to understand and free of structural errors
  • Your content must be unique and free from plagiarism and grammatical errors
  • The article should be of at least 1200-2000 words
  • The article must have – A Title, Headings, Sub-Headings, Bullet Points, Description and One Focus Keyword.
  • The article must contain “About the author” section
  • Mandatory – Interlink your article with a previous blog post of DG
  • Any links related to casinos, gambling, adult, or any illegal content will not be accepted
  • We do not like to repeat topics. So, if your submission topic is already in our history then it will not be selected unless it contains something worthwhile
  • The link will be no-follow unless it is completely related to gaming & tech industry. Please use relevant and quality links only. The spam links will be removed.
  • We love having amazing pictures attached with your entries, do use them in your post. We would recommend the insertion of one featured image & two blog images. [Prefered format – JPEG, PNG]
  • Be active after your article is live. Comment and solve the queries of our users. So that our audience can see you as a part of the live blog.
  • Please, proof-read your article before you submit it with us. 

So, are you interested? Then do go through the guidelines for content submission.

Please do use Mail Subject – “Guest Post for Digital Gaming” or else your mails might get neglected due to the number of emails we receive.

We hope to hear from you soon. If you have any other queries, please feel free to write to us at work.digitalgaming@gmail.com or fill out the contact form.

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